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Spreading joy to nursing homes since April 2020

Valerie Pinnock purchased her first dino suit in 2017.  Her family was celebrating one year since her father's cancer diagnosis.  In that year, Todd entertained himself with various dino videos online. The entire family purchased suits, and had a celebration.  The dino suit reappeared during the COVID pandemic, in an attempt to make the yoga community laugh.  With the help of some amazing friends, this has since molded into the Dino DoGooders. 

Kat Harmon  As a professional dancer and instructor throughout her life, Kat began to encounter physical ailments that were limiting her performance and quality of life. At the age of 26 she began to practice yoga. It brought new dimensions to her physical wellness and spiritual life. Kat was hooked! Beginning in 2009, her practice had evolved from a physical to a deeply spiritual understanding of herself and others, which led to becoming a yoga teacher in 2013. Kat has also expanded her expertise through training at the Circus Center of Boulder, CO as an Aerial Yoga Teacher.

Kat offers classes that are down to earth with inspirational teachings, which incorporate challenging, exciting, and physical practices with inspiring coaching to help practitioners live their best life. She is a wife and a mom to two wonderful children 16, and 3. The children support her wholeheartedly and have made this dream of helping people feel good in their bodies and minds a reality. She is extremely grateful to them, the rest of her family, friends and yoga community! She often expresses that she could not do this without everyone who supports her.

"Loving the shit out of myself has completely changed my entire life, and I want to share this gift with as many people as possible!" - Kat Harmon


Heather Deaton is a certified personal trainer and aerial yoga instructor, who loves to be silly and make other people smile. She began her fitness journey at the age of 18, wherein she often helped others work toward and reach their fitness goals as well. Life eventually led her to Concord, NC, where she met wonderfully adventurous, lifelong friends. Heather was inspired to become a dinosaur after seeing Valerie's dino yoga debut. Heather immediately reached out to Kat and Valerie to see if they could all plan a fun event in the suits. After collaborating with her friends, it was a no-brainer that she wanted to be a part of something so rewarding. 

Tuxedokat Kat Cornelius has been an essential part of Dino DoGooders since day one. She has pushed for us to become so much more than we ever thought possible.  With her amazing design skills, she built us this beautiful website, and dedicated her time and energy editing our video footage. Her husband David was our safety and documented our events.  Becca was a ray of sunshine and danced her heart out through every event. Kat is an inspiration and we are lucky to have had the Cornelius family in our group.  We encourage you to follow Tuxedokat on her socials, and be sure to catch her Facebook Live event every Friday night. 

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We could not do this without you!

a special thank you to Richard Todd Leonard  09/09/1961 - 07/27/2020,

the inspiration behind getting these silly suits and spreading joy to others. 



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