Inflatable costumes are an excellent face mask! However, we still want to encourage safe behavior at our events.  Even when wearing the suit, please keep a one-dino-tail-distance between members.  When taking hydration breaks, stick with your suit buddy and avoid gathering in crowds with your face exposed.  Face masks are encouraged during introductions and anytime we are not suited. Please be respectful of every members' personal "bubble".


All you need is a passion to spread joy and a costume.  There are many places to purchase costumes from. Our preferred source is MXoSUM  on Amazon. Give your group a name! We are the OG Pack, Concord NC!

You do not need a large group to start. Just a few people with costumes. We encourage having at least one helper not costumed to be aware of surroundings and assist. It's also great to have someone taking photos to share with others. Music truly makes the production.  Bring a Bluetooth speaker if you can.  We have a Spotify playlist that you are welcome to use : 

Spotify : Dino Dance



If you'd like to build your own dance routines, or simply freestyle, please do! We have created a fun mashup if you'd like to learn our moves : Dino DoGooder Dance Video


Contact your local nursing homes and similar facilities. Ask for their Activity Director about scheduling. 

How we introduce our group : 

"Hi there! Myself and some fitness friends have been visiting retirement communities in an attempt to raise spirits. With the unique circumstances that the recent outbreak has caused, we are making every effort to keep staff & residents safe with a no-contact experience.  All that we require, is permission to wander the exterior of your facility with our costumes and music.   If this is something you would allow, please email or call me, and provide a direct contact that I can reach for scheduling. Thank you for your time, and your service."

Remember that these events are for fun. It is a joy to spread joy.  Avoid scheduling more than you can handle.  Our group has limited our events to every other Sunday. 



We recommend "Doing Good" in a controlled environment where there is little to no interaction with the public. We do not recommend being the entertainment at birthday parties or breweries, as it can be difficult to work with crowds. Please  arrive early  to your appointment and scope out the space.  Notice where you will get the most visibility, and consider touring around the facility visiting multiple windows. Avoid stairs.

Check the Weather!  While we love dancing in the rain, it isn't for everyone. And a lot of rain can damage your suits, increase the chance of injury, and make a soggy mess of an afternoon.  In addition to storms, consider the heat.  The suits get hot very quickly. Take Breaks. Communicate with each other. Be smart, reschedule as needed. 

Always use the bathroom before you arrive.  Never ask to enter into a nursing home facility during the pandemic. If necessary, find a nearby location that has a public restroom. 

Appoint one person as a leader, and always have some that is not suited to help dinos watch for obstacles.  Find a suit buddy to help with zippers and to hydrate with. Stick with your suit buddy throughout the run. 

  • Bluetooth speaker

  • Water or camelbacks

  • Cooling Towels

  • Hair Ties

  • Fanny Packs (great for holding battery pack, phone, keys)

  • EXTRA Batteries (rechargeable if possible), some suits take power banks

  • Backup Suit Fans :  Amazon Fan

Most importantly, have fun, take care of yourself and your crew. Work to spread joy every day, not just on event days. 


Tag us in your pics and share your adventures with the Members Facebook Group.


P.S. Kelly Ripa wants to join us in the worst way 🤣❤🧡💛💚💙💜